Engineering Club: Shipwreck Science

Engineering Club: Shipwreck Science

Aberdeen Science Centre
Sunday 8th March - 29th March 2020
13:00 - 15:00

The ship carrying our Engineering Club to a science festival in the Caribbean has run aground on a deserted island! Will you have what it takes to survive and be rescued? Working in small teams, Club members will practice the creative thinking and practical skills used by engineers as we build survival tools and devise a plan that leads to our rescue. We'll learn about teamwork, innovation, and material reuse as we design and build protective shelters, create methods for gathering food and water and send up a signal for help.

Engineering Club is scheduled for Sunday 8th - Sunday 29th March.

This Club is suitable for children aged 9-12 and sessions run 1-3 PM.

Cost is £10 per child for the whole 4 week term.

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