STEM Ambassadors

The STEM Ambassador Programme is a nationwide scheme dedicated to getting more young people interested in STEM. The most valuable tool young people have at their disposal when considering future career paths are the people around them, and we believe that STEM Ambassadors can be their greatest source of inspiration.  STEM Ambassadors are volunteers with careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) or with a passion for STEM subjects.  The STEM Ambassador Hub North Scotland is coordinated by a team based in Aberdeen Science Centre, with members of staff in Aberdeen and Thurso.  So wherever you are and whoever you are you can find someone to help.  Link to STEM Learning Website:

For teachers and organisers

The programme allows young people to meet ambassadors from a range of different backgrounds.  They can show them the practical application of what they are learning in school as well as adding a fun and interactive twist.  They are completing free and spread across the north of Scotland. To request a STEM Ambassador please sign in or register on the STEM learning website:  

If you have any queries email us at Remember, STEM Ambassadors are very knowledgeable and if you are unsure how to run an event they may be able to offer advice, just get in touch! 


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These resources are available for STEM ambassadors.

Email for more information.
Creative Lego Blocks (X4)
These boxes of lego are ideal for building activities, ages 6+
Hot Wire (X6)
These sets are a great way to introduce circuits, for ages 8+
Lego Mindstorms (X12)
These robots can be programmed to solve numerous challenges and are great for age 8+
Lego WeDo (X6)
The WeDo kits are interactive and simple to use, ideal for ages 6+
Meccano Max (X6)
Practice coding skills with these Meccano robots, aged 8+
Space Case (X1)
This box has a set of equipment and instructions that will allow you to run a session based around materials, for ages 6+


People Like Me

The first hour of this session will introduce you to the term unconscious bias and discuss how you can overcome this. This is an invaluable session for everyone attend! You will then be trained to deliver a session that opens young girls eyes to the possibilities available to them in STEM sectors,

Powerful Practicals

During this session you will evaluate, identify and develop new practical activities. This will help you to translate your ideas into sessions that you could deliver to young people.

Delivery Skills

This session will involve a number of short activities that will help you to gain confidence working with young people. You will also develop skills to facilitate learning, such as questioning techniques. This session is recommended for those that have less experience working with young people.

Mentor Training

Learn what it is to be a mentor, develop your coaching skills, test your communication skills and much more. This full day training is ideal for someone looking to work with a school or young person regularly.

Meet the team

Debbie Mathers
STEM Ambassador Co-ordinator
Based in Aberdeen
Pat Kieran
STEM Ambassador Co-ordinator
Based in Thurso
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